The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media integration is now a permanent staple in any online marketing and SEO campaign. From Facebook and Google to Twitter and Yelp, there are over a million global brands listed within these platforms and networks. While mobile optimization also plays a crucial role in securing brand validity and awareness, social media continues to soar in global popularity and is truly a cost-effective way to attract and engage new audiences.

With this in mind, here are three reasons why every brand should have a strong social media presence:Social media like

Build Brand Visibility

Visibility is the key to success for any new or existing commercial entity. With social media, you can effectively market your products and services to core, niche and mass customers. Similarly, you can generate higher web traffic, while increasing conversion rates and target geo-specific or core clients. With little to no overhead costs, social media marketing (SMM) is truly designed to help increase brand visibility within time and budget. You can even link your websites, blogs, and post promotional videos to captivate and compel visitors. This helps generate a lasting buzz, while propelling your business to new heights in any industry, sector or niche.

Build Mobile Visibility

Social media and mobile optimization is truly a marriage made in heaven. With Google’s recent updates and changes to algorithms, all sites must now be optimized for mobile friendliness and readiness. This includes blogs, online stores, and yes – even your social media pages. However, you do not have to change any metrics since Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms are already designed to reflect the newest mobile and cloud-based technologies. Post-linking is imperative in showcasing your brands across the mobile networks. Here are a few more ways how social media is intertwined within the mobile realm:

•    Social media brand posts or announcements can be shared across multiple networks for broad-based coverage and visibility.
•    Your social media business page has responsive web design, which automatically reshuffles content when accessed by mobile devices.
•    Whether on Facebook, Linked-In, or Instagram – your posts can benefit from strategic keywords, links or hash tags – which all appear on local search results and even business networks.
•    Make sure your articles, blog posts, and social media posts are high quality, industry-specific, and promote your products or answer client and customer questions.

Build New Audiences

While it’s great to have a loyal customer and client base, social media allows you to extend your brands’ reach across the Web. This means you can build new connections, which results in higher leads and more business for your company.  Similarly, you can secure higher visibility on Google, which results in better page placement. Your business will also appear on Google Maps and local business search results and networks. Similarly, you can tap into local customer reviews, while managing industry citations and mentions about your brands, products and services. In many ways, Google and social media are now the digital yellow pages for businesses – of all sizes- to market themselves to core, niche, and geo-specific and mass audiences.

Generate More Leads, Web Traffic and Conversion Rates

There are several ways to foster leads in the new digital age. This includes PPC marketing, along with strategic business ad placement on Google. However, how important are leads when it comes to social media? According to industry experts, here are some of the benefits of using Facebook – and other social media platforms – to target core, niche or mass audiences:

•    Social media has little to no overhead and is a cost-effective solution for broad-based marketing.
•    Social media allows you to instantly generate a buzz about your website, blog, business or brand.
•    Social media helps your business grow and flourish, while effectively attracting and engaging new and existing clients -customers.
•    Social media is the perfect platform to secure leads – these are potential customers who have expressed interest in your product or company.
•    Social media allows you to easily follow up with interested customers – via posts, direct messages, private messages, or links to your online or brick-and-mortar stores.
•    Social media is great for lead generation since your sales department – or content marketing programs – can be easily be intertwined with your brand or store pages.

Once you receive any lead – simply direct it to your sales or follow-up department.  Did you also know that 76% of buyers are ready to have conversations on social media? This means you can easily connect with potential customers and clients, while your sales team is able to answer any product questions or concerns.

Grow Your Online and Social Media Presence Today

With years of extensive industry experience, local SEO agencies have the tools and expertise to help grow your online business. From local SEO and PPC to all forms of digital content marketing, they can easily propel your brands to new heights in any industry, sector or niche. It is important to contact your local social media agency for a complimentary SEO consultation and assessment today. If you are struggling to attract new clients and customers, chances are your brands are not reaping the benefits of SEO optimization, social media and burgeoning cloud-based technologies.

You need a seasoned, reputable and professional SEO agency to help you with all your social media today.

Most business are busy doing what they do and can’t keep up with todays social media platforms. Really, they would have to train a whole team and work them full time to be effective. There are solutions, marketing agencies have a trained staff to handle these problems in this new digital age. If your company is not taking advantage I can assure you that just like Kodak they will soon began to fade into oblivion never having reached their full potential. Do not let this be your company. Talk to an experienced agent today and learn how to build social standing in an ever-changing market.

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