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We are more than a SEO company, we offer digital marketing services including website development and strategy planning to optimize your marketing efforts. From reputation management to on page SEO and link cleanup we are your one stop service for you to double the size of your company using the tools and strategies to drive more traffic to your company’s website, where you can capture leads and turn site visitors into customers. When you sign up for our services we will provide you with a regular monthly report and access to the dashboard where you can see the progress in the services we provide. We will discuss with you in terms that you can understand and show you how we plan to help you to bring more prospective customers to your business. We offer pay per click (PPC) services whether it be in AdWords on Google or on Facebook we know how to find the prospects who are searching for your products or services and bring them right to your inbox or telephone where you or your staff can turn them into customers.



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Brand Design


Content Marketing

Talented and Creative Web Designers at WCM Atlanta SEO.

At WCM Atlanta SEO, we help you develop and define your brand with our professional web design service.

We pride ourselves on stellar and user-friendly designs. But we also understand that a powerful website should follow search engine best practices for effective marketing. That’s why we apply on-site search engine optimization techniques when designing websites.

In addition, we make sure your website is built to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. Mobile search traffic is growing exponentially, and if your site is not mobile-friendly, visitors are likely to leave.

WCM Atlanta SEO is a full service digital marketing agency. Offering Web site development from a talented team thats ready to get to work on your companies needs right away. We also offer 

  1. Local SEO
  2. Organic SEO
  3. Pay Per Click Services
  4. Reputation Management
  5. Content Marketing
  6. And Brand Design

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Click on the discovery tab and fill out the discovery form completely and we will call you to discuss how we can help you. And soon you will see that you have made the wise decision to create more for your company to secure its future in this most exciting time that we have ever lived. The world is waiting, as a digital marketing consultant I can assure you that the era that we are living in holds more potential than ever before for the small business owners to grow their business’s faster and more profitable than ever. Click on the discovery tab and lets get started today. Cost is not going to stop you because we have a plan for your business that will move you into a beter position to grow no mater where you are in the process. From start up to multimillion dollar budget I am confident that we can get you the results that will move you to and keep your business in the forefront of todays digital marketing world.


What People Say

William is an outstanding SEO professional that gets results for his clients, if you are looking for an increase in traffic and revenue and are in the Atlanta area don’t hesitate to reach out to William Murphree for all your marketing needs. You will be glad you did.

Oscar Fernandez

Marketing, International Digital Media

If you are looking for more customers for your business, William is an excellent expert digital marketing expert who through his years of experience is able to drive visitors to your site. He is very professional works diligently to deliver page one results. Highly recommended.

Sharon Grant

Digital Marketing , Digital Marketing London

William took care of our project just as specified. Fast and reliable performance to specifications, what a treat. I would work with William and team again.

Fred Wiederhold

Marketing, Cloudspress Digital Media

William is the person you can depend on. He has top tier internet marketing knowledge and top-tier integrity to back it up. If you want to increase your revenue, look no further than WCM Atlanta SEO. They are many firms that say they can do what they claim, however, few can actually deliver. I am confident that if you choose to go with William’s firm, you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend!

Maheer Batra

Marketing Consultant, Transcend Toronto

Finding a company with a high degree of integrity and excellence can be a daunting task. William at WCM Atlanta SEO is talented SEO expert that will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that you have hired the best.

Gregory Mikat

Search Engine Optimization, Expert, Yogo SEO

William is fantastic at what he does! Whether it’s Social Media, SEO, reputation management, he’s the man for the job. He and his company use Industry Best Standard Practices. Contact William at WCM Atlanta SEO and take your business to the next level!

Charlie Aligaen

Internet Marketing Specialist , Colorado Springs SEO

I highly recommend William to anyone seeking an incredible advantage in their SEO efforts, William is an incredibly skilled online marketer and communicator. He has a strategic approach to working with business owners that always brings success.

Christian sylvester

Owner, YourSEOgeek

It has been a pleasure working with William. He is a person with a strong work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. Energetic and broad-minded business marketer – that’s him! Completing the tasks at hand is always the most important thing for him to do. Very positive attitude towards work.

Steve Hong

Owner, Head up Cloud SEO

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