There are many search engine optimization techniques that you need to do in order for your website to be a success. This can begin with key word research and providing good on page optimization. Once your site is up and running, you can focus on quality back links and social media marketing.

If you’re discovering that your website isn’t functioning as well as it should  you may need to call in the experts to help you with a website analysis. This is a tool that can be used to better understand the effectiveness of your website, and how to increase its performance in the future.

How Does a Web Analysis Work?

A web analysis consists of several components. The first is to analyze the metrics collected on a site. This can provide an understanding of how the website has been performing, and how it can be improved.Other web data may also be used for understanding web usage. This information can also be used for marketing research and improving website content.

If you’re running any sort of SEO campaign, website analysis can become even more important. You’ll need to know that your campaign has been worth its budget, and whether it should be repeated. If a campaign has been a failure, you may need to refocus your efforts.


What Tools Are Used in Website Analysis?

This can begin with a visual inspection of the site to determine user experience. Often this may be the first indication that something is wrong with a site. There may be something that scares away the customers, instead of getting them to stay.

There are many website tools that can also provide charts, graphs, and lists of specific measurements. Information, such as number of visits on the site can be tracked, click through rates, conversion rates, page views, and how long they spent on the site. Demographics may also be tracked, such as country origin or age range.

Learning about the total number of visitors to your site can be important. You may also wish to learn how many visitors came from outside sources. They could be from search engines or inbound links (back links). You may also wish to know how many total new visitors you have, and how many are repeats.

It can also be helpful to learn where your page ranks in the search engines, and how well your keywords are performing.There may be a list of glitches or problems on the site that must be fixed.

All of this information combined can help to gauge future traffic trends and can be used for marketing purposes of your website. You’ll now have the tools to fix and improve your site.

How Can I Use Website Analysis to Benefit My Business

Once you’ve ordered your website analysis and it’s been done, you’ll be presented with a website analysis report. This will include helpful information on how to improve your website in the future.

You may need to find the right keywords for your target audience. Often it can be difficult to get this right on the first go. You can remove any keywords that haven’t been performing well. When you see your report, you’ll also learn exactly where your website is in the search engine rankings.

In order to direct more traffic to your site you need to know your best sources. This report will list where your traffic is coming from. Once you have this information, you can focus your social media marketing efforts on it.

The link checking part of a website analysis can be invaluable. If there are any bad links anywhere, it can affect your professional reputation. When you have a list of defective links you’ll be able to fix them.

Another way that a website analysis is helpful is by checking your website content. Having high-quality original content can provide value for your potential customers. If there is any irrelevant content on your page, the website analysis will provide you a list so you can either improve it, or remove it.

Your website analysis can even provide recommendations as to quality content. It may take some work in getting it created and posted, but you’ll be on the right path.Finally, website analysis can provide you with the perfect set of key words and key phrases, which will attract visitors your way.

Do You Need Website Analysis of Your Site

It’s important to hire a website analysis expert to provide this important service for your website, because often a website owner is too close to their business and can’t provide an impartial view. If you’re ready to find out the blockages to traffic on your own site please contact WCM Atlanta SEO today, by phone, email, or messaging form.

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