Search engine optimization has been around for a long time. If you’re running a small- or medium-sized business in Atlanta Georgia, you want to be assured that these marketing techniques are still going to be applicable, before you waste time and resources. The term “SEO” was coined around 1997 and came into popular usage around 2007. That’s 11 years now. Surely technology and the internet have changed and evolved over time?

In the past, Google has frowned upon aggressive marketing practices. These have included questionable directory listing sites, hundreds of keywords per page, and other techniques called black hat.

Good SEO is governed by a set of algorithms. Google sets the rules, and usually shakes up the system at least twice a year. Right now, everyone is trying to figure out how the new Facebook algorithm is going to affect business ads and business posts.

The good news is that SEO will still be applicable for 2018, and into the future. The question for most small business owners and social media management companies is—how to stay on top of effective key word research and key phrases?

The effective SEO manager needs to stay on top of the latest Google changes, and effectively implement them to benefit their business and their clients.


How Is SEO Accomplished

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting your website, business, or shop at the top of the Google or other search engine rankings. Usually the top three spots are best. Most people don’t understand what it takes to reach these top 3 spots. You may need a variety of strategies to rank high. It’s not just the keywords your potential customers use in search terms, but also how legit your business looks. How much contact information you’re presenting and if it’s the same across all channels orif it’s quality content generally free of fake news or errors  and how often people search these terms.

Did that still sound quite general? There can also be other factors that Google keeps to themselves. You may have to dig deep, or find someone who’s actually worked at Google and is willing to share. SEO can be challenging at times. Your business may have been able to handle the basics of getting started in search engine optimization, but now you’re puzzled on what to do for SEO 2018.

Digging Deeper Into SEO

You may be wondering if all this effort is worth it. The answer is yes. But you should spend some time researching keywords to see which are beneficial.
You should also spend time placing keywords into title tags, headers, sub-headers, and meta descriptions. This is the background coding to when you are creating your blog posts or your website pages. Most make it easy for you, and direct you to the proper fields so you can just type them in, without needing to learn any coding.

It’s also important to focus on quality content, because that still directs traffic your way, and encourages visitors to come back. If your site is terrible full of links but little content, spelling mistakes, or copied articles, Google can and will down-rank your site.

 Why SEO Is Still Relevant

SEO is even more popular this year. It’s the measurement that search engines need in order to place your site or page. And it’s the difference between having a stagnant site, or one that gets lots of action.

People may still be questioning the importance of SEO since it’s been around for some time. Some people think that posting quality content will lead people automatically. But since there are so many voices clamoring for attention on the net, you’re going to need a strategy, otherwise your competitor is going to get all the traffic, leads, and profits.

While there are other ways of finding great content now blog sites, social media, and forums the single most important tool is the search engine. It’s the primary method people use to find information on the net. Did you know that every second there are 40,000 search queries? Do you have your keywords effectively selected in there to direct traffic your way?

Chances are that there are at least one or two searches right now that are looking for what you have to offer. Hey, right now there may even be two people looking for WCM Atlanta SEO, and guess what? Here you are!

Do You Need Assistance with SEO Now

Most business managers and owners don’t even want to think about SEO when they have their hands full with running an online or a local business. The good news is that there are many social media marketing businesses who can assist you.

If you’re puzzled as to how SEO can be beneficial to your own business, please contact WCM Atlanta SEO today. We’d be happy to explain how you should focus on SEO in 2018!

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