Seo Optimization

As Google partners, we aim to please you and Google and make sure they can read your site properly and that they find everything they need.

Social Media

We will help you to set up your social media accounts including analyzing and optimizing them for a powerful social media presence.

Web Analysis

We will analyse your digital property using state of the art software that can help us find where your site needs optimization.

Communication Canals

We will help you with techniques and new trends opening communication canals with your audience you even ignored it existed until now.

Link Building

This part of the website and SEO services is often the most tedious and misunderstood leading to lack of Internet influence. With a guideline of dos and don ts, the mistakes killing your chances to rank high in the search engines belong to the past… We will help you focus on what makes you money. Don’t waste your time and energy on technical tasks such as back links we get you covered!

Keyword Research

Keywords are the essence of all online content. People search your content through keywords in Google, YouTube…Are you 100% sure you don’t neglect the easiest keywords that bring some free traffic almost immediately? Do you already include long tail keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing keywords? If you answered no to those last 2 questions, it’s time considering an independent SEO consultant.

Tracking Website Rank

One you picked up the right keywords and create sufficient quality content to feed your audience you need to track your keywords.

We will help you know every month where each of your keywords is positioned on Google. This monthly task greatly helps to tweak the strategy along the way and ensure you react fast enough as soon as your competitors react to your better rankings.

Monthly Satisfaction

We do not charge our customers a yearly fee and hope for the best. We work on your results and each and every month, we share a monthly report showing you how beneficial it is to implement the website optimization service you trust us to make for you.

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