Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords

Facebook and Google are the two biggest internet giants and they both have their advertising model. They are both paid media you can use to reach your potential customers. Many local businesses still ponder on which one to use – whether Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. At first glance, they look similar but there are differences.

When you can do an effective PPC management, PPC advertising can be cheap. This happens only when you know the tips and techniques for using it. However, with Google Adwords you can have a low cost, highly targeted, high conversion campaigns. The same goes for Facebook ads.

But, there are some differences you need to know about:

1) Two Different Targeting Systems

On Facebook, there are some ways you can filter your audience and those who see your ads – by interests, demography and geography. In this case, your ads reach the right audience (those with profiles you have specified).

On the other hand, Google Adwords may trigger ads based on user preferences, but it does not know people like Facebook does. Google can’t see what users “Like” or follow, neither can it see data from their personal profile. Your ads can only be seen by search terms. For example, you see ads related to business courses if you search for a term like “business courses.”

2) Facebook Ads vs. AdWords Ads

The Facebook ads conception process is different from AdWords. For Facebook ads, you target people’s interests rather than their search phrases on Google Adwords. You are targeting people based on what they will need and who they are than the information they are looking for right now. Facebook tends to show ads based on a user’s interests and likes while Adwords focuses on keywords. The cost of Facebook ads is one-third of the cost of Google Adwords.

3) Brand Building

Although, you can build brand equity on both platforms, they do it in completely different ways.

With Google AdWords, you will be redirected to a company’s landing page with a click on their ad. Here, you will see the company’s branding, design and sales copy and a strong signal will be sent to the user. Google takes not of every activity and they may lower the rank of the website if there is a higher bounce rate.

However, Facebook advertising allows for leveraging of social proof and word-of-mouth, which are powerful tools in advertising. People trust your product when they see that their friend likes it. Users see the ads on a regular basis on Facebook.

PPC Management

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a very easy model that allows local businesses and individuals to advertise on Facebook & Google and other large online networks. The use of this highly lucrative marketing strategy allows local businesses to reach potential customers that is, otherwise, not possible to reach. Pay per click advertising allows you to position your local business in front of interested prospects and “Create Traffic”. The implementation of a PPC campaign is the fastest and the most effective solution to get as much-interested prospects to see your offers as possible.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is important for online business success and it is an essential component for a complete and flourishing digital marketing campaign. Many local businesses are missing a big opportunity to grow their online businesses in a controlled and profitable manner because they underestimate the benefits of PPC. Whether through Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or even Twitter promoted tweets, pay per click advertising is a great way to reach your prospective customers fast and promote your products or services.

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

Pay per click advertising, which is also known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). PPC in addition to SEO is the main ways to reach people using search engines (mostly Bing and Google) to find general information, products to buy and answers to their questions. From the terms, PPC means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads as an advertiser. However, PPC may use other pricing models such as CPA (you pay only when a click on the ad leads to a conversion) or CPM (pay per thousand impressions).

The general idea about the local business PPC is that it allows you to reach potential and targeted audience fast by identifying who will see your ads (either by using demographic characteristics or by entering specific keywords) and you pay only when someone performs an action on your ads.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising networks allow you to setup a campaign and place your business’ ads on their website and you will be charged for only when someone clicks on your ads. Below are some of the reasons why local businesses should think about PPC to bring in customers:

  1. It is cost effective
  2. It allows you to implement advanced marketing techniques like Retargeting
  3. It works well with other digital marketing channels
  4. It is the easiest way to test if your product sells
  5. It is the fastest method to get targeted visitors

When should you use PPC?

PPC advertising is a good fit for almost any type of local business. It can be used to raise brand awareness, sell products, services, or get new leads from Google, Facebook or any other social media platform.

As a startup, you can use local business PPC and take advantage of all the benefits related to the use of PPC to expand further your business online.

Use PPC for keyword domination – You can still use PPC and take over the search results even if you have good organic rankings for your keywords.

Use PPC when you have time-sensitive events (or offers) since you cannot get to your audience with any other digital marketing tool besides social media marketing.


Google Adwords works best when you are in research mode and your ads will only reach searchers – your ads show up when a person searches for a keyword related to your business on Google.

In other words, Facebook Ads are about making people chat about your business. Facebook Ads will not only help you sell but they will also help you build an interactive association with your customer. It focuses on word-of-mouth marketing.

The best way to start using PPC is by choosing a specific offer to market and then setting up a Facebook pay per click ad targeted to your potential or ideal customers or Google AdWords targeted to Google searchers. It is time consuming to learn PPC advertising and could be costly if you do it wrong. It is however a great way to get your product or service in front of your target audience. The best and most cost-effective way is to hire a team of experienced marketers so that you don’t waste time or money and put your business in hyperdrive. Call us or visit our site to talk about a custom solution today!

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