Where Can I Find Effective Key Word Research

Key words have a few different names in business: keyword, focus word, search phrase, key phrase, but they’re all basically the same. It wasn’t that long ago when you could do key word stuffing on your page, but now Google will penalize you with these shady practices. In order to succeed with relevant rankings in the search engine, you’re going to need to start by doing key word research.

Why Key Word Research Is Important

It can be tempting to copy your competitor’s key words from their blog or site and put them into your own. It’s important to know that the more relevant your key word research, the better your traffic.Better traffic means that visitors are truly interested in buying your product or service, and not just blindly browsing the web because they have nothing better to do.

Yes, 2018 key word research is going to mean fewer visitors, because the key words are going to be tailored to quality searches. But that means that the traffic you do get will be ready to buy your products or services. This also means that even if you have 6 key words rather than 16, those 6 may still be of higher value than your general 16 search terms.It’s basically a more effective way of screening out traffic that you don’t want on your site.


Google Is On Your Side


It may seem with all the Google algorithm changes that they’re deliberately trying to screen out the losers. That’s not the case. Yes, they are screening out the scammers and fraudsters, but are rewarding good sites who adhere by the rules and provide good, quality content, products, and services.

Google changes its techniques to make it easier. They are trying to create a positive experience for business owners and marketers. Remember they want you to succeed.


What Tools to Use for Key Word Research

Now that you understand key word research can be effective, how do you go about it? There are actually tools you can use to discover this information.

The first is Google itself. While their tool focuses on Ad Words campaigns, it’s still relevant. They have a Keyword Planner that you can use to help you target your audience.You can use Google to search for what you think are good keyword terms. For instance, search engine optimization will bring up a list of related terms which can be effective for your own site, as well as how often they have been searched for online. This can help you to focus on “search engine optimization basics for instance.

How Do Key Words Relate to Organic Search


An organic search is what a person will naturally type into Google. For instance “Atlanta SEO”. You may be tempted to stuff keywords in such as “where do I go for Atlanta Georgia SEO that makes me millions of dollars in the USA” but not many clients will bother typing in such a long phrase.

Your goal is to find the best phrases and words that will improve your site’s ranking. It’s important to naturally integrate your words and phrases on your site.

This also means that you may need to use fewer keywords, but as we said above, that can be a good thing as it will narrow down the traffic. If it sounds awkward, don’t use them.Be sure to include your keywords in your page title, headers, and meta description.

Long-Tail Key Word Research

There can be a lot of competition on common keywords such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Try adding a word or two to narrow down your focus. These are called “long-tail keywords”. For instance: “WCM Atlanta  SEO” tells you what our company does, and where we are located.

There may be others listed on the page, but it’s a narrower focus than simply “SEO” because if you want to find a business in Atlanta, you’re never going to find it with a one key word. If you want to know how well a key phrase can perform, type it in and try it out.

Key Word Research for Your Business

Don’t worry if you don’t get your business’s key words right the first time round. The best thing about the internet is that nothing is permanent and everything can be fixed. Get some set up now, then step back and analyze.

Are you a small business owner or manager who is looking to grow your company, but you don’t have time to focus on key word research? We support businesses in Atlanta Georgia and other regions with good SEO, so your business climbs up the rankings. I hope this has been helpful. We would love to see your business thrive the way I know you would, the way you had dreamed of. If you are ready to take your business to the next level you could give us a call or email us and get a free analysis done on your web site. You will get a comprehensive report and see where improvements can be made. Improvements that will bring a flood of traffic and potential customers to your door.

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